Custom Recruiting Solution

Custom Recruiting Solutions

Are you seeking a Recruiting PARTNER?

Custom Recruiting Solutions

Established in 2002, Custom Recruiting Solutions, Inc (CRS) is a woman owned recruiting agency that partners with companies to provide full-time employees / recruitment services in various industries including Information Technology, and Restaurant and Hospitality.

Flat fee, percent, hourly, or contingency fee structure available. If you are looking for a Recruiting PARTNER, we might be for you! Our client base is small, so we have several advantages over our competitors. We spend much more dedicated and exclusive time working on each position. Also, because of our size, we have very few limitations on who we can recruit “from”, so basically no limitations on the talent we can potentially recruit for you. CRS has provided hundreds of quality employees to companies throughout the U.S. including start-up organizations as well as fortune 500 companies. Our first client in 2002 is still our client today!

We have all of the resources of a large staffing company, including job boards, but CRS is superior in “hunting” for the right candidates and creating our own resources (email and social media campaigns, social media pages and groups, eye-catching job advertisements and other creative techniques). Our passion is helping people to find full-time / permanent positions to achieve their career goals.

Why Choose Us?

  • Matched HUNDREDS of Clients / Candidates

  • Strong Social Media Presence

  • Dedicated Resources

  • Organized

  • Professional

  • Creative Sourcing

  • Over 20 Years of Recruiting Experience

  • Customized Candidate Screening Process

  • References

  • 60-Day – No Bill Guarantee


Are you seeking a Recruiting PARTNER?

Custom Recruiting Solution